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Music Industry Careers Workshops

Music Industry Careers Workshops

Our Music Industry Careers Workshop is one of our most sought after workshops and it is highly valued by both teachers and careers advisers alike. IEM staff and the attending artist offer a vast knowledge in careers within the music industry, experiencing many of them first hand and offering advice and insight into the thousands of ‘behind the scenes’ careers available to young people.

This information is delivered in an engaging and inspiring day that relates to all students in secondary education with or without an interest in music. Competitions, group business projects and ‘Dragon’s Den‘ style pitches are all included in this day. Isn’t it ironic that none other than James Caan was partly involved in the initial financing of IEM back in 2012!

IEM are also renowned for building close relationships with some of the industries most highly rated colleges and universities across Great Britain. We pride ourselves in offering the best possible music industry careers advice for ages 14 + and in particular “the next step”.

Below is a version of our most popular format based on a generic GCSE or BTEC music workshop day that encompasses elements of songwriting, live performance and industry careers. This day will often feature an attending artist to both assist the workshops and perform to the school as part of the package.


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