Music Performance Workshops

Music Performance Workshops

Our music performance workshops include around £10,000 worth of musical equipment for students to master over the course of a day, including the very latest in P.A and sound engineering. Our music industry partners include Laney, HH Electronics, Tama, Marshalls Amplification and more.

These workshops rely upon students having their own material or cover material ready to perform on the day so that the attending artist can offer constructive feedback on how to move forwards as a performer, both musically and professionally.

These music performance workshop days are often credited for their ability to raise aspiration and confidence levels for all participants. We structure workshops relevant to your music curriculum requirements, from year 8 to A levels.

Below is a version of our most popular format based on a generic GCSE or BTEC music workshop day that encompasses elements of songwriting, live performance and industry careers. This day will often feature an attending artist to both assist the workshops and perform to the school as part of the package.

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