SongWriting Workshops

Songwriting Workshops

Songwriting workshops using techniques that are valued and relied upon within the music industry. Our workshop staff have their own extensive knowledge of songwriting. In our workshops, we illustrate different techniques used in song writing through songs that students will recognise as old classics as well as recent chart hits.

Most of our music workshops have an attending artist who will have featured in the official UK charts or iTunes chart. And they are able to demonstrate the importance of structure, dynamics, tempo and timbre in song writing, along with numerous other areas of study. We structure workshops relevant to your music curriculum requirements, from year 8 to A levels.

Below is a version of our most popular format based on a generic GCSE or BTEC music workshop day that encompasses elements of songwriting, live performance and industry careers. This day will often feature an attending artist to both assist the workshops and perform to the school as part of the package.

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